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2001 2005 3 SILVER STATE QUARTERS PCGS PR69DCAM RHODE ISLAND NEW YORK CALIF,  2005 Kansas State Quarter Rolls 2 Sets,  2005 NGC Gem MS66 Virginia State Quarter Cud Die Break Mint Error 400,  2005 US MINT SILVER QUARTER PROOF SET Complete w Original Box and COA,  2005 S OREGON SILVER STATE QUARTER DOLLAR NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO PROOF COIN,  2005 S Washington Clad Quarter PCGS PR 69 Ultra Cameo Minnesota,  2005 D OREGON STATE QUARTER UNCIRCULATED US MINT,  2005 S Silver State Quarter Set PCGS PR69DCAM,  2 Coin Lot ICG SP 69 2005 P Bison Nickel 2005 P West Virginia Quarter,  2005 D KANSAS STATE QUARTER OFF CENTER DBL RIM Broadstrike ERROR VARIETY CHBU,  2005 S 25c CLAD PCGS PR70DCAM MINNESOTA QUARTER PROOF DEEP CAMEO PR 70 DC,  2005 S 25c CLAD PCGS PR70DCAM WEST VIRGINIA QUARTER PROOF DEEP CAMEO PR 70 DC,  2005 P West Virginia Quarter NGC MS 65 Reverse Die Break 400 Mint Error,  2005 S 25c CLAD PCGS PR70DCAM CALIFORNIA QUARTER PROOF DEEP CAMEO PR 70 DC,  2005 P Kansas error quarter struck thru grease In od We rust circ q491,  2005 P Kansas error quarter In God We Rust strike thru BU from mint bag q489,  2005United States Mint 50 Quarters Proof Set5 CoinsCoaGiftFree Shipping109,  

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