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No Date Jefferson Nickel Mint Error Off Center ANACS MS65 Q70,  1983 P Washington Quarter AU 10 Off Center Strike,  1987 D Jefferson Nickel MS 55 Off Center,  1983 P US Jefferson Nickel Off Center Error High Grade Beautiful,  1983 Lincoln Cent Error 40 Off Center Strike with Full Date,  1981 Lincoln Cent Error 40 Off Center Strike with Full Date,  2001 Lincoln Cent Error 50 Off Center Strike with Full Date,  1999 D GEORGIA STATE QUARTER RARE ERROR OFF CENTER BROAD STRIKE O C B S BU 1144,  ERROR 1992 LINCOLN CENT OFF CENTER BROADSTRUCK PARTIAL BROCKAGE BU RED 1591,  NGC MS65 Off Center on Straight Clip Planchet Lincoln Cent Mint Error,  1986P Washington Quarter Obverse Off Center and Cud Errors,  10 piece lot Half Off Center Lincoln pennies error coins NO DATE,  

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