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Liberty *1986 nickel listings reviewed over the past few days.

1908 Liberty nickel PCGS MS64,  1903 Liberty Head 5 cents VG F ab488,  ESTATE FIND 1902 Liberty V Nickel G1351,  ESTATE FIND 1905 Liberty Nickel F1274,  1909 Liberty Head V Nickel Good,  1894 Liberty Head V Nickel Good Nicks,  ESTATE FIND 1912 D Liberty V Nickel G0734,  ESTATE FIND 1901 Liberty Nickel F1228,  ESTATE FIND 1912 D Liberty V Nickel C8882,  ESTATE FIND 1898 Liberty Nickel F1272,  1894 Liberty Nickel V Nickel Tough Date,  Lot of 16 Liberty Head Nickels Dated 1883 NO CENTS to 1912 Different Dates,  Indian Buffalo Liberty Nickel W 50+ Arrowheads Spearheads Texas Estate 1 17,  1895 Liberty Nickel 555,  SCARCE KEY DATE 1886 LIBERTY V NICKEL FULL RIM DATE LETTERING LOW MINTAGE,  1883 With CENTS Liberty Nickel 554,  Lot of 13 Liberty Head Nickels Dated 1883 NO CENTS to 1912 Different Dates,  Lot of 12 Liberty Head Nickels Dated 1899 to 1912 All Different Dates,  1890 Liberty Nickel 553,  1887 liberty nickel 552,  

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