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1897 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1898 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1899 Indian Head Penney Fair Condition,  1900 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1902 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1903 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1905 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1906 Indian Head Penney Fine Condition,  1907 Indian Head Penney Good Condition,  1908 Indian Head Penney some corrosion,  1909 INDIAN HEAD PENNEY With CARTWHEELING LUSTER MT condition,  1875 INDIAN HEAD PENNEYKEY IN SERIES,  Native Americans 1937 Buffalo Nickel 1893 Indian Head Penney Crazy Horse Stamp,  1903 Indian Head Penney,  1889 1899 1901 1903 1907 INDIAN HEAD PENNEYS,  1876 INDIAN HEAD PENNEY HARD TO FIND,  1882 1888 INDIAN HEAD PENNEYS GOOD FIND,  

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