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Presidential Double Eagle Comm Coins 1984 Reagan AA 1988 George W Bush A,  1988 George W Bush Double Eagle Presidential Commemorative Coin 41st US Pres,  10 Dollar George W Bush Liberia American Mint 2,  Commerative large dollar size heavy medal Token George w Bush 237,  1988 George W Bush Presidential Coin with belt buckle,  Lot of 14 Coins Tokens Canada Dime Nickle American Mint President George W Bush,  George W Bush 24K GOLD PLATED MEMORABILIA COIN 1,  1988 George W Bush Series A Double Eagle Commemorative Silvertone Coin,  American Mint Presidents of the USA George W Bush 2003 10 Liberia,  American Mint The Presidents of the USA George W Bush 10 Liberia,  GEORGE W BUSH DOUBLE EAGLE COMMEMORATIVE MEDALLIAN,  

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