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2005 D Speared Bison Jefferson Nickel MS65,  2004 P D 5C Ocean in View 2 rolls BU UNCIRCULATED ErROR COIN unsearched,  2005 PD US Mint Box Westward Journey Buffalo Nickel rolls ERRORS 4U8,  2005 P BISON CUD S STATES FILLED ERROR ,  2005 D TETHERED BISON DIE ERROR,  2005 P HOBBLED BISON DIE CLASH CRACK ERROR ,  2005 D BISON DOUBLING TAIL BACK UTTER LEG ERROR ,  2005 P BISON CUD O GOD S STATES FILLED ERROR ,  2005 Roosevelt Dime Spike Head Die Crack,  2005 P Jefferson Nickel Mutiple Lam Errors,  2005 Minnesota Quarter Extra Tree DDR and Spike Head Error,  4 2005 P Ocean View Cud Errors,  2005 P Jefferson Nickel Severe Strike Doubling Error,  2005 PD US Mint Box Westward Journey Buffalo Nickel rolls ERRORS 4U8 2,  2005 PROOF Nickel PCGS ERROR Struck Thru Obverse HOLE in FACE Western Waters,  2005 P JEFFERSON BISON NICKEL 90 DEGREE CW ROT REV MS64 PCGS MINT ERROR,  2005 P Bison Nickel Error Coin UNICORN BISON Die Gouge Brilliant Uncirculated,  

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