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US Nickel 2005p Jefferson nickel with error,  2005 D BISON DOUBLING TAIL BACK UTTER LEG ERROR ,  2005 P BISON CUD S STATES FILLED ERROR ,  2005 P HOBBLED BISON DIE CLASH CRACK ERROR ,  2005 D TETHERED BISON DIE ERROR,  2005 P BISON CUD O GOD S STATES FILLED ERROR ,  2005 p bison nickel Jefferson open mouth error Super BU,  2005 PROOF Nickel PCGS ERROR Struck Thru Obverse HOLE in FACE Western Waters,  2005 P Wounded Bison 5c Jefferson Nickel error,  2005 P JEFFERSON NICKEL HOBBLED BISON DIE CLASH CRACK ERROR MS 900,  2005 P 5C Bison Jefferson Nickel special,  Lot Of 4 Jefferson Nickels Die Breaks Chips Mint Errors 2016 2007 2006 2005,  2005 US BISON MINT ERROR 9 COINS 5thLEG SPEARED REAR DETACHED LEGPLUS,  2005 PD US Mint Box Westward Journey Buffalo Nickel rolls ERRORS 4U8 2,  2005 P Jefferson Nickel Mutiple Lam Errors,  2005 D Jefferson Nickel Bison Error,  2005 Minnesota Quarter Extra Tree DDR and Spike Head Error,  

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