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2005 D Jefferson Nickel Western Waters 706,  2005 D Jefferson Nickel 02,  2005 P or D Uncirculated Bison 5C Jefferson nickel,  2005 P or D Ocean in View 5C Jefferson nickel,  2005 D Jefferson Nickel with Bison Back Lamination Flaw Die Crack,  Three Centuries of American Nickels 1892 V 1928 Buffalo 2005 D Jefferson,  Three Centuries of American Nickels 1898 V 1935 Buffalo 2005 D Jefferson,  LOT 3 JEFFERSON NICKELS SEMI KEY 1942 D 1940 D and bonus 2005 D BISON,  100 Jefferson Nickels 2005 Lewis Clark Buffalo P D CIRCULATED,  2005 D Jefferson nickel very nice Circulated,  2005 D Jefferson Nickel Improperly Annealed,  1946P 1959D 1960D 2004P 2005P Jefferson Nickel Westwood Coin Lot Ungraded 6X,  2005 D JEFFERSON NICKEL OCEAN VIEW FREE SHIPPING,  

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