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2005 Bison Nickle w die cracks and errors,  3 Sets 2005 Westward 2005 Quarter Proof Set 05 Bison Nickles Never Opened,  12 UNC MINT wrapped rolls 2005 PD Mints Jefferson Bison Nickles stk 33,  10 UNC bank wrapped rolls 2005 Denver Mint Jefferson Bison Nickles stk 34,  2 Sets 2005 AMERICAN BISON OCEAN VIEW NICKLE Westward Journey D P Mint,  2005 P D AMERICAN BISON NICKLES 25 BAGS SEALED BOXES 4U4 4U6 WESTWARD JOURNEY,  First Strike PCGS Brilliant Uncirculated Bison Nickle Set 2005 Mint PD,  2005 WESTWARD JOURNEY AMERICAN BISON NICKLES TWO ROLL SET IN MINT SEALED BOX 4U8,  2005 BISON JEFFERSON NICKLES P+D 2 ROLLS 4U8 US MINT BOXES 48 SEALED BOXES J,  

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