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2004 louisiana purchase nickel items sold during the past week.

2004 Westward Journey Nickel SeriesHandshakeLouisiana Purchase Lewis And Clark,  2004 LOUISIANA PURCHASE PEACE MEDAL NICKEL COLLECTION,  2004 Nickel Louisiana Purchase 1coin,  2004 Nickel Louisiana Purchase 1 only,  NO LONGER MINTED 2004 P and D Mint Jefferson Nickels Louisiana Purchase,  2004 Westward Journey Louisiana Purchase BU Gold Plated Colorized Hologram 9676,  2004 Westward Journey Louisiana Purchase Set BU Gold Plated Colorized Hologram,  Gem Unc United States 2004 D Louisiana Purchase Shake Hands Nickel Free Shipping,  US 2004 D Louisiana Purchase Jefferson Nickels Uncirculated,  2004 Louisiana Purchase Nickel Collection in Case,  2004 D Jefferson Nickel Roll Westward Journey Louisiana Purchase JF691,  2004 Nickel S Perfect Proof Louisiana Purchase,  BU 2004P JEFFERSON LOUISIANA PURCHASE NICKEL,  Roll of 2004 D Louisiana Purchase Peace Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels,  2004 Louisiana Purchase Nickel Collection,  2004 S US Jefferson Nickel Featuring Louisiana Purchase Graded as Frosted Proof,  2004D JEFFERSON NICKEL UNC OBW SEALED ROLL LOUISIANA PURCHASE HANDSHAKE,  2004 LOUISIANA PURCHASE NICKEL Westward Journey 5 Coin Set PD Holo Colorize 24K,  2004 P D Peace Medal Louisiana Purchase Original US MINT Rolls Westward Journey,  2004 S LOUISIANA PURCHASE FROM PROOF SET SEE PICTURES,  2004 S Uncirculated Slabbed Louisiana Purchase Jefferson Nickel,  2004 P Uncirculated Slabbed Louisiana Purchase Jefferson Nickel,  2004 D Uncirculated Slabbed Louisiana Purchase Jefferson Nickel,  2 2004 JEFFERSON NICKELS pd LOUISIANA PURCHASE UNC ,  2004 P D Westward Journey Louisiana Purchase Nickel Rolls,  2004 JEFFERSON NICKEL PD SET HANDSHAKE LOUISIANA PURCHASE WESTWARD JOURNEY,  2004 P JEFFERSON NICKEL HANDSHAKE LOUISIANA PURCHASE WESTWARD JOURNEY US NICKEL,  2004 San Franc Proof Jefferson Nickel Louisiana Purchase Frosted Handshake type,  2004 Westward Journey Nickel SeriesHandshakeLouisiana Purchase Lewis And Clark,  Strong Cameo 2004 S Proof Jefferson Nickel Low Mintage Louisiana Purchase Expan,  

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