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2000 penny listings found over the last week.

CHEERIOS LINCOLN PENNY 2000 MINT COIN PHILADELPHIA MILLENIUM W COA RARE SEALED,  Error Penny 2000 D unplated zinc cent,  2000 Lincoln Memorial Cent Struck Through Capped Die Error Gem BU MS Red,  2000 Cent ANACS 63 Red Broadstruck,  1 2000 LINCOLN CENT1c PENNY OFF CENTER COIN A RARE MINT ERROR + DDO,  Necklace pendant w 2000 D KENNEDY Half Dollar JFK 50 cent Great gift Y2K,  US 24 KT Gold Plated 2000 5 coin Set Case Dollar Quarter Dime Nickel Penny,  2000 S Proof Lincoln Cent Penny Roll 50 Coins Total,  1794 S 43 Liberty Cap Large Cent 1C ANACS VF20 Details 2000 Value in VF20,  2000 Lincoln Cent 1c MS66 RD NGC Mint Error Reverse Capped Die,  Cheerios 2000 Lincoln Cent w Original Packaging 1 of 10000000 First Minted,  2000 S Lincoln Memorial Cent Gem Deep Cameo Proof,  Set of Off Center Error US Coins 2000 State Quarter Dime Nickel and Penny,  2000 S LINCOLN HEAD PENNY PROOF 50 COIN ROLL,  2000 S 1c United States of America San Francisco Gem Proof Lincoln Memorial Cent,  1794 Head of 1794 S 44 Liberty Cap Large Cent 1C NGC VF 2000 Value in VF20,  2000 D JFK Colorized Half Dollar Fifty Cent Piece In Case Mint,  Off Center 2000 LINCOLN CENT BU,  2000 S PROOF LINCOLN CENT AC,  Your State Imprinted on a 2000 US Lincoln Penny Free Postage and Handling,  CHEERIOS 1ST YEAR MINTED 2000 COINS 2000 LINCOLN CENT PENNY IN ORIG PCKG,  2000 Cheerios Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny in Original Packaging,  2000 Lincoln Cent B U MASSIVE BROAD STRIKE ALMOST QTR SIZE DEEP CUP ERROR COIN,  1970 S S Lincoln Cent RPM 1 TOP 100 BLAZING RED HIGH GRADE US ERROR COIN,  Cheerios 2000 Lincoln Cent GEM BU,  2000 P CLOSE AM MINT STATE LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT US COIN FR0M MINT SET f81,  2000 WIDE AM Type Two Rev Lincoln Cent MS66 RED NGC,  OFF CENTER STRIKE ERROR 2000 MEMORIAL LINCOLN UNITED STATES PENNY 01 COIN,  2000 D CLOSE AM MINT STATE LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT US COIN FR0M MINT SET f81,  2000 S DEEP CAMEO WIDE AM PROOF DC LINCOLN CENT US COIN FR0M PROOF SET f81,  2000 P BROAD STRUCK ROOSEVELT DIME AS LARGE AS A CENT UNCIRCULATED,  1809 CLASSIC HEAD HALF CENT VG CONDITIONLOOK ,  2000 P RD CLOSE AM LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT US COIN MINT STATE NEAR PERFECT c33,  copper bullion 20 F V pennys cents 139+ POUND Lb 2000 circulated 1959 1981,  2000 S Proof Lincoln Cent Penny PCGS PR69RD DCAM SHIP WITH TRACKING NUMBER,  

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