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2000 penny listings found over the last week.

2000 1C Wheat Cent Red ICG MS 67 RD Type 2 Reverse 2268370116,  2000 P Lincoln Memorial Cent PCGS MS 65 RD Cheerios Cent 33455289,  2000 D Memorial Cent MS,  2000PD 2001PD 2002PD 2003PD 2004PD 2005PD 2006PD 2007PD 08PD LINCOLN CENT BU SET,  2000 S LINCOLN HEAD PENNY PROOF 20 COIN ROLL,  2000 S Lincoln Cent Proof 69 Deep Cameo Red PCGS 980,  2000 PD LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENTS 2 Pc BU PENNY SET,  4 PCS BIG SALE2 US1STAR BillOne 1990s + One 2000s 2 Old One Cent US Coins,  2000 D 1Cent Penny Lincoln Cent SAMPLE INTERCEPT SHIELD BY ICG,  40 Off Center Error 2000 Lincoln Memorial Cent Rare Superb GEM Ships FREE,  2000 S PR70 DCAM RD Deep Cameo PROOF RED Lincoln Memorial Cent 1c Rare Coin UCAM,  2000 D Lincoln Memorial Cent PCGS MS 67 80453536,  2000 LINCOLN MEMORIAL CHEERIOS PROMO CENT GEM+ BU UNC ANACS MS 66 RED US COIN,  2000 P TYPE 2 REVERSE AM FAR RED BU LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT,  2000 1C Lincoln Cent MINT ERROR NGC MS 63 Improper Copper Plated Planchet,  BULK DEAL 1985 MS 65 2000 MS 66 2009 MS 66 LINCOLN PENNY ANACS GRADED,  2000 Lincoln Cent Wide AM Variety FS 901 MS66 RD PCGS,   LP271 27 P D S Lincoln Pennies 2000 08 Unc In Flips Page,  LP1511 9 S PROOF Lincoln Pennies 2000 2008 Unc In Flips Page,  2000 NGC Cheerios Promotion 1cent coin MS 67 Red,  1794 Head of 1794 S 44 Liberty Cap Large Cent 1C NGC VF 2000 Value in VF20,  OFF CENTER STRIKE ERROR 2000 MEMORIAL LINCOLN UNITED STATES PENNY 01 COIN,  2000 Lincoln Penny Broadstrike ERROR COIN RED Details,  2000 S Penny PCGS PR 70RD DCAM Nice clean coin and casing,  2000 S One Cent PCGS PR 70 DCAM ,  2000 S One Cent PCGS PR 70 DCAM ,  Complete New Millenium Set of Lincoln Cents 2000 Thru 2016 Present Pennies,  2000 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny MINT CELLO FREE SHIPPING,  2000 S Cameo Proof Jefferson Nickel Five Cent Coin San Francisco Mint,  2000 Memorial Cent Choice BU Penny US Coin,  2000 Memorial Cent Gem BU Penny US Coin,  2000 D Memorial Cent Gem BU Penny US Coin,  COIN LOT MINT+PROOF+PENNIES 19691958 NICKELNO JUNK NO RESERVE 5,  2000 D Lincoln Memorial Cent PCGS MS 67 80453535,  2000 S Lincoln Memorial Cent PCGS PR 69 RD DCAM 28512293,  

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