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DGLib 1949 US Mint set 2000 P D inc Sacagawea dollars w COA etc,  2000 PD Statehood Quarters 10 Coins In Mint Cello Value CherrypickerCoins,  2000 PD In Mint Cello Kennedy Half Dollar Best Value CherrypickerCoins,  2000 P and D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Set Lot F2,  MS68 PL 2000 P South Carolina State Washington Quarter Graded NGC 591,  2000 PD BU Lincoln Cents in Mint Cello Best Value CherrypickerCoins,  RARE 2000 SOUTH CAROLINA MINT LICENSED STATE QUARTERS PD ROLLS COLLECTORS ALBUM,  2000 P SACAGAWEA DOLLAR UNC CONDITION,  VINTAGE 2000 P KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR JOHN F KENNEDY 50 CENT PIECE COLLECTOR COIN,  Error 2000P Dime Nickel Size Broadstrike EC2876,  Error 2000P Dime Almost Nickel Size Broadstrike Off center EC2877,  Error 2000P NH Quarter 15 Off center EC2879,  Error 2000P SC Quarter 15 Off center EC2881,  Complete Mint Lincoln Cent Set 2000 16 P D R9,  2000 P Native American Sacagawea Gem BU Dollar US Mint Coin,  2000 P Jefferson Nickel From Mint Set,  2000 P Cheerios Lincoln Memorial Cent,  2000 P Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated BU,  MS68 PL 2000 P Massachusetts State Washington Quarter Graded NGC 558,  NAtive American 100 2000 P,  2000 P Sacagawea 1 One Dollar Coin Native American USA Circulated,  Outstanding 2000 P and D United States Uncirculated Coin Sets,  

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