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1994 P Doubled Die Reverse 1 DR 001 Lincoln Memorial Cent Extra Columns,  Off center 1994 Lincoln cent GEM BU red,  94 DDR FS 801 Lincoln Cent error coin Grease Filled Struck Thru,  RARE DATE 1994 10 OFF CENTER LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR 2712,  1994 Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny ERROR letters touching rim,  1994 Lincoln cent large die break reverse EF,  1994 D LINCOLN CENT PENNY RPM D D NICE COIN,  1994 5 OFF CENTER STRIKE LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR 1744,  1994 LINCOLN CENT STRUCK WITH LATE STATE CAPPED OBVERSE DIE IN UNCIRCULATED,  LINCOLN CENT RAGGED EDGE CLIP 1994 ERROR,  1994 Lincoln Cent doubling on United One Cent EF,  1994 Lincoln Memorial Cent struck through error YEAR 1 cent neat,  1994 LINCOLN CENT DROPPED LETTER EXTRA METAL MUST SEE,  1c 1994 Lincoln Cent 170 Degree Rotated Dies AU Red Brown,  1994 VERY WEAK STRIKE STRUCK THRU LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR LOT 2941,  BRILLIANT RED 1994 Lincoln Cent Very Ch BU details STRIKE DAMAGE,  1994 REV DIE CRACK WITH DOUBLING LINCOLN PENNY N15 EC160,  1994 1C Lincoln Cent Error,  1994 D 1C Lincoln Cent Error,  1994 Lincoln cent double States of America AU,  1994 D Lincoln Penny with Obverse Die Chip Error,  1994 D Lincoln Memorial Cent HAS ZINC ERROR OBV REV NAME YOUR PRICE,  1994 Lincoln Memorial Penny DDR Choice BU FS 01 1994 801 Error Variety,  1994 D Lincoln Cent Penny Error DDO,  1994 P Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Reverse DDR WDDR 010 Late Stage A Unc,  1994 P Lincoln Memorial Penny with Obverse Reverse Die Clash Error,  2 1994 LINCOLN PENNIES SEE PICS FOR DESCRIPTION LOW START EC136,  1994 P LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT w 3 SMALL LUMPS ON LINCOLNS NECK,  1994 P Lincoln Cent with REVERSE Oddities Brilliant Uncirculated,  1994 D LINCOLN CENT MASSIVE FILLED 9 CUD ERROR,  1994 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny ERROR Damaged Planchet,  1994 P Doubled Die Reverse 1 FS 801 FS 0399 Lincoln Cent Extra Columns,  1994 LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT OFF CENTER MINT ERROR BU,  

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