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1987 penny listings found over the past several days.

1987 Uncirculated Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny BU B04,  1987 P LINCOLN PENNY CUT FROM US MINT SET IN CELLO,  1987 Lincoln Cent Error,  1986 D 1987 D Lincoln Cent Coin 2 pennies one price,  Lincoln Penny Collection 1909 1987 Wheat and Memorial Whitman Folders Not Comple,  1987 D BU Lincoln Cent Penny Roll 50 Coins From Original Mint Bag,  1987 S LINCOLN MEMORIAL PROOF CENT PENNY FREE SHIPPING,  1987 Uncirculated Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny BU B02,  PROOF 1987 S LINCOLN CENT PROOF,  1987 S 1C DC Proof Lincoln Cent FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING,  1987 D Lincoln Cent Error Penny,  RARE 1987 DIE CAP STRUCK FRAGMENT LINCOLN CENT MINT ERROR COIN,  1987 circulated US Lincoln Memorial Cent Obverse Reverse Errors Coin,  1987 D Lincoln Cent Ships Free Buy 5 for 2 off,  1987 D Lincoln Penny MS 67 RD CC634,  1987 S 5C DC Proof Jefferson Nickel PR69DCAM 55 CENT SHIPPING,  Mixed Cent Dime Lot BU including Proofs 1943 1987,  1987 D Lincoln Memorial Cent RB RPM,  1990 LINCOLN CENT ERROR COIN SLIGHT BROAD STRIKE,  1986 LINCOLN CENT ERROR COIN SLIGHT BROAD STRIKE,  1987 D Lincoln Cent Ships Free Buy 5 for 2 off,  1987 D LINCOLN CENT NGC MS67 RD,  1987 P and D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin from US Mint Set 2 BU Cello Fifty Cent UNC,  1987 D BU Lincoln Cent Roll 50 coins Choice Gem,  1987 D Lincoln Cent RPM D OVER D UNC,  1987 P Washington Uncirculated Quarter Dollar 25 Cent Coin Philadelphia Mint,  1987 Uncirculated Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny BU B01,  MS67+RD 1987 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Graded PCGS 5618,  1987 S US PROOF LINCOLN CENT FROM US PROOF SET,  1987D Dime Nickle Penny from Mint Set Sealed by Mint,  1987 Lincoln Cent Error,  1987 S LINCOLN CENT NEAR PERFECT PROOF CERTIFIED NGC PF69 RED ULTRA CAMEO S374,  1987 D LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT GEM PREMIER BRILLIANT CERTIFIED NGC MS66 RED S373,  

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