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1985 D 1C BN Lincoln Cent,  Mint Error 1985 D D Lincoln Cent 1C Repunched Mint Mark RPM 2 ANACS MS 64 Red,  Mint Error 1985 D D Lincoln Cent 1C Repunched Mint Mark RPM 1 ANACS MS 62 RB,  1985 D Lincoln Cent EXTREME DDO MULTIPLE ERRORS On Reverse,  1985 D KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR BU 5 STRUCK THROUGH ERROR COINS V527,  1985 D 10C Roosevelt Dime,  1959 D Jefferson Nickel D D Gem VK198 5,  1985D error Dime used condition,  1985 D Lincoln Cent Error RPM 5 North West,  1985 D Lincoln Penny with Reverse Die Crack Error,  1985 D Penny with nice gold color texture,  1985 D Lincoln Penny Mis Strike Front and Obverse Multiple Errors Retook Pics,  1985 D Lincoln Memorial Penny with Reverse Die Crack Error,  1985 D 5C FS Jefferson Nickel Mint Sealed In Cellophane,  1985 D Washington Quarter Obverse Machine Doubling Error,  1985 D Jefferson Nickel wtih Obverse Die Deterioration Error,  1985 D ROOSEVELT DIME OFF CENTER BROADSTRUCK MINT ERROR COIN CIRCULATED,  1985 D Roosevelt Dime with Cud Misalignment Dies Error,  1985 D Reverse Struck Thru Jefferson 5c Nickel Mint ERROR NGC XF 45,  NGC 5c 1985 D Jefferson Nickel Indented by 10C Planchet AU 58,  1985 D Roosevelt Dime Error Coin,  1985 D DBL STRUCK CENT 2ND STRIKE 90 O C UNIFACE ANACS MS60 DETAILS PP18DDXX,  1985 D LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT HAS A ZINC ERROR NAME YOUR PRICE,  1985 D ROOSEVELT DIME MISALIGNED DIE MINT ERROR COIN,  

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