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1968 S 1970 S 1972 S 1975 D 1980 P D 1981 P D EF Jefferson Nickels,  13 PROOF JEFFERSON NICKELS 1980 81 84 85 87 88 89 80 D 84 D 85 D 87 D 88 D 89 D,  1980 D JEFFERSON NICKEL FILLED D MINTMARK ERROR 02,  1980 D JEFFERSON NICKEL FILLED D MINTMARK ERROR 04,  1980 D JEFFERSON NICKEL FILLED D MINTMARK ERROR 03,  1980 D JEFFERSON NICKEL FILLED D MINTMARK ERROR 01,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel BU UNC Uncirculated from Mint Set in Air Tite Holder,  1980 P D Jefferson Nickel Mint Cello Roll 40 Coin Lot,  1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 P D Jefferson Nickels 10 BU COINS FROM OBW ROLLS luster,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel From Mint Set,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel Uncirculated BU,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel UNCIRCULATED ,  1980 1981 1984 1989 PD Jefferson Nickels Gem BU from Mint Cello,  Lot of 4 Jefferson Nickels 1980 S85 S86 D89 3238,  1980 PD In Mint Cello Jefferson Nickels PLEASE READ Value CherrypickerCoins,  1980 P D S JEFFERSON Nickels Uncirculated and Proof,  1980 D Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel BU B04,  1980 D Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel BU B05,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel Choice BU US Coin,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel BU US Coin,  Lot of 16 Jefferson Nickels 1980 through 1989 P D in mint wrap,  1980 D Jefferson Nickel Mint Sealed Uncirculated 1980 D Jefferson Nickel,  1980 P D Jefferson Nickels in mint cello See store for discounts,  1980 PD Jefferson Nickels Two UncCoins Never Handled with Oily Fingers,  1980 D Nickel Dime Cent Mint Cello Wrap 1039 Free Shipping,  2 Pieces 1980 D BU Jefferson Nickels Mint Cello Pl Reverses,  1980 pd 1981 pd 1984 pd 1986 pd 1989 pd Brilliant Unc Jefferson Nickels,  US 1980 D Jefferson Nickel American Five Cent Coin Denver Mint,  1980 D JEFFERSON NICKEL PCGS MS66,  USA 1980D Five Cent American Jefferson Nickel 5c Piece 5 Cents 1980 D EXACT COIN,  Bu 1980 PD Jefferson Nickels In Original Mint Cello,  1980 D Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel B02,  US 1980 D Jefferson Nickel American Five Cent Coin Uncirculated Denver,  

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