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1979 P SBA1 Wide Rim Susan B Anthony Dollar UN CIRCULATED FROM MINT ROLL,  1979 P Susan B Anthony Dollar WIDE RIM + FREE ITEMS,  1979 Susan B Anthony Set 1979 PDS Set in Original Green Envelope,  1979 P Susan B Anthony dollar coin,  1979 P Susan B Anthony US 1 Dollar One Dollar Collectable Coin,  1979 P Susan B Anthony dollar coin,  1979 P SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR COINfree shipping,  1979 PDS Susan B Anthony 3 SBA Dollar Mint Set,  1979 P Susan B Anthony uncirculated dollar gold plated Philadelphia,  1979 P D S S YEAR SET OF SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR COINS,  1979 P SBA Susan B Anthony 1 1 TONED and 1 Reg 2 COINS,   37 Thirty Seven 1 1979P Susan B Anthony Dollar Coins SBA ,  

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