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1970 1979 PDS Lincoln Memorial Cents Hand Picked BU,  1970 to 1979 Lincoln Cents Proof coins 20 17 All ten coins,  1979 LINCOLN CENT NGC MAC MS67 RED PQ SPOTLESS ,  1979 LINCOLN CENT NGC MAC MS66 RED PQ SPOTLESS ,  1970 1979 S PROOF LINCOLN CENTS 10 CAMEO COINS aa1,  1968 1979 pds UNCLINCOLN CENTS 31 NICE COINS FROM MINT SETs aa1,  1979 S Type II Proof Lincoln Cent HIGH GRADE 00,  1979 S 1C Type 2 Proof Lincoln Cent Free Shipping,  1979 S PROOF TYPE 1 LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT PENNY,  1968 thru 1979 Proof Roosevelt Dime 12 Coin Lot 10c Proof Set Coins Ten Cents,  UNITED STATES 50 Cents 1979 S Type 1 PROOF 299 maximum shipping in USA,  BUY 4 SETS GET 1 FREE 1970 to 1979PDS 25 pc BU LINCOLN CENT SET x5125 coins,  1979 S Lincoln Cent Type 1 Deep Cameo Gem Proof No Reserve,  1979 Lincoln Cent Error Misaligned Die Strike Error,  1979 D Lincoln Cent Error,  ESTATE FIND 1919 D Lincoln Wheat Cent D1979,  1979 S 5C Jefferson Nickel 17rr0408 GDC Proof Only 50 cents for shipping,  1979 S 5C Jefferson Nickel 17rr1510 GDC Proof Only 50 cents for shipping,  1979 PROOF Jefferson Nickel from US Mint Proof Set 5c Five Cent Coin Made in USA,  1979 P D Lincoln Cent 2 Coin from US Mint Set UNC Cello One Cent Penny Set,  1979 P D Jefferson Nickels 2 Coin UNC Cellos from US Mint Set Five Cent Coins,  USA 1979D Five Cent American Jefferson Nickel ERROR Coin 1979 D EXACT COIN,  1979 S Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny BU Proof Rainbow Color Toned,  Kennedy 1979 S Cameo Proof US Half Dollar Coin 50 Cents San Francisco Mint,  1979 P 5c JEFFERSON NICKEL STRUCK ON A 1C LINCOLN CENT NGC MS64RB N R,  1974 pds1975 pd1977 pd 1978 pd 1979 pd Copper BU Lincoln Memorial Cents,  Lincoln Cent 1979 D Error Coin,  

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