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1975 penny quarter items found in the last week.

Slabbed 1975 S Four Coin Proof Set High Grade Penny Nickel Dime Quarter,  1975 CANADIAN QUARTER 25 Cent AVERAGE CIRCULATED CANADA FORIEGN COIN LOT761,  1975 S UNITED STATES PROOF COIN SET IKE DOLLAR HALF QUARTER DIME NICKEL CENT,  United States Proof Sets for 1974 1975 half quarter dime nickle penny Lot 7,  1975 Uncirculated P D US Mint 12 Coin Set Half Quarter Dime Nickel Penny,  1975 S Proof Set Ike Dollar Half Quarter Dime Nickel Cent US Mint 6 Coins w Box,  1975 D Uncirculated Year Set Ike Dollar Half Quarter Dime Cent 6 Coins Total,  

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