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1971 GEM MINT RED BU UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN CENT TAKE A LQQK ,  1971 D DENVER MINT SILVER KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR 50 CENT A BEAUTY 050,  Certified Lincoln Cent 1971 S DDO PF65 RD VP 002 A,  1971 D BEAUTIFUL UNCIRCULATED TONED LINCOLN CENT COLORS WOW 184A6,  US Mint 1971 DP 11 Coin Uncirculated Set with a San Francisco cent,  1971 D P S Three Uncirculated Cent Coins San Francisco is from a Proof Set,  Lincoln Head Cent Collection a Set of 160 Pennies from 1909 to 1971,  1971 P NGC MS66 RED Lincoln Wheat Cent A6939,  1971 D NCG MS65 RED LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT A5792,  1971 NCG MS66 RED LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT A7134,  1971 NCG MS66 RED LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT A6734,  1971 S LINCOLN PENNY IN A 1 1 2 INCH JAR M 140,  VINTAGE 1971 PENNY IN A BOTTLE Lincoln Cent In a Bottle vtg cent souvenir,  1971 P NGC MS66 RED Lincoln Wheat Cent A6888,  1971 S FROM MS Lincoln Memorial Cent LOTA 058,  

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