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1970 S OBVERSE STRUCK THRU MINT ERROR SMALL DATE LINCOLN NGC PF 67 RD,  1970 S SMALL DATE LINCOLN NGC PF 67 RD CAMEO EXTREMELY RARE in CAMEO 1 of 53,  1970 S JEFFERSON NGC PF 68 STAR,  1970 S JEFFERSON NGC PF 68 CAMEO,  1970 S JEFFERSON NGC PF 67 STAR Beautiful ULTRA CAMEO devices,  1970 S JEFFERSON NGC PF 68 ULTRA CAMEO,  1970 S ROOSEVELT NGC PF 69 STAR,  1970 S ROOSEVELT NGC PF 68 STAR CAMEO,  1970 S JEFFERSON NGC PF 67 CAMEO,  1970 S LARGE DATE LINCOLN NGC PF 68 RD ULTRA CAMEO EXTREMELY RARE 1 of only 73,  Slabbed 1970 S Proof Hi Grade Four coins Penny Nickel Dime Quarter,  1970 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Brilliant 40 silver in a slab,  1970 S Washington Gem Proof Quarter,  1970 S Kennedy Half Dollar PF69 STAR CAMEO Exceptional Cameo Obverse,  1970 S S over S Lincoln Cent Uncirculated,  1970 S KENNEDY NGC PF 68 STAR CAMEO Bordering on ULTRA CAMEO,  1970S 1970 S Gem Proof Kennedy Half Dollar VERY NICE,  Lot of Twenty 20 Kennedy Half Dollars from the 1970s AS SHOWN,  1970 S Lincoln Cent Uncirculated BU Red Small Date SN01,  1970s BU Kennedy Halves P Mint 1971 1979 8 Nice Coins 7 4,  

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