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1970 S LINCOLN CENT FS 01 1970S 113 RED DOUBLED DIE OBVERSE 5 21 01,  1968 S 1969 S 1970 S 1971 1972 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Lot,  1969 S 1970 S 1971 S1972 S 1973 S Washington Proof Quarter Lot,  1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime,  1968 S 1969 S 1970 S 1971 S 1972 S Washington Proof Quarter Lot,  1968 S 1969 S 1970 S 1973 S 1974 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Lot,  1970 S Washington Quarter,  1968 S 1969 S 1970 S 1972 S 1973 S Proof Lincoln Memorial Lot,  1970 S JEFFERSON NICKEL ROLL nickle five cents lot 70 san francisco CIRCULATED,  1970 S LD LINCOLN 1c NGC PF67 STAR RB RAINBOW BULLSEYE TONING mikeartifacts,  1970 s Lincoln Head Cent,  1970 S Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny FREE SHIPPING,  1970 S NGC PF67 Star Roosevelt Dime Frosty Obverse Gem Proof 67 Star Coin,  1970 S John F Kennedy Proof Half Dollar in Hard Plastic Holder Nice Shiny Coin,  1970 S S 1C NGC MS65RD RPM 001 LINCOLN CENT ALL TIME TOP 100 VARIETY,  1970 S 50c Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Special Presentation Strike Coin,  1968S1969S1970S Kennedy3 SILVER proofs VERY NICEFree shipping with BIN,  1970 S Small Date Lincoln Cent Better Date,  1970 S JEFFERSON NICKEL PROOF UNCIRCULATED FROM PROOF SET NICE LQQK 7091,  1970 S Lincoln Memorial Small Date Cent BU,  

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