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1970 S ROOSEVELT DIME PROOF LUSTER 5160,  1970 ROOSEVELT DIME BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LUSTER 5114,  1970 D ROOSEVELT DIME BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LUSTER 5117,  1970D US DIME HI GRADE MS DUAL ERROR CLIPPED PLANCHET STRUCK THROUGH GREASE,  1970 S Roosevelt NGC PF 67 CAMEO Incredible CAMEO contrast spot free,  1970 S Roosevelt NGC PF 69 CAMEO Incredible CAMEO contrast spot free,  1970 S ROOSEVELT DIME FROM US MINT PROOF SET 17622,  1970 D ROOSEVELT DIME FROM MINT SET UNCIRCULATED 15337,  1970 S ROOSEVELT DIME FROM PROOF SET UNCIRCULATED 03265,  1970 D DDR PCGS MS66 Roosevelt Dime Mint ERROR Doubled Die Rev TOP POP FS802,  14 LOT ROOSEVELT SILVER COINS1946 1970 MIXED LOT FULL DATES,  1970 ROOSEVELT DIME UNCIRCULATED 17620,  US PROOF SET 1970 FIVE COIN PENNY NICKELDIME QUARTER AND HALF DOLLAR US MINT,  1970 D Doubled Die PCGS MS64 DDR ERROR Roosevelt Dime Rare Coin Ships FREE 048,  1970 CENT 1970 S NICKEL1970 DIME MS BU UNC US COINS MINT STATE FROM MINT SET,  1970 D CENT NICKEL DIME MS BU UNC EXCELLENT QUALITY US COINS FROM MINT SET,  1970 D Quarter Struck on Dime Stock,  Roosevelt Dime 10 Cent Collection Incomplete 56 Coins 1946 1970,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Proof Uncirculated Slabbed Gem Mint SN95,  Roosevelt Dimes Circulated 1970 p through 2007 P,  1970 Roosevelt Dime 10C Rev of 68 FS 901 from bank uncirculated roll,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Proof Deep Cameo Clad,  1970 Roosevelt Dime,  11 Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1970 S 1979 S,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Cameo CN Clad Proof US Coin,  1970 P ROOSEVELT DIME IN MINT CELLO UNCIRCULATED NICE LQQK 0256,  1970 P 10C Roosevelt Dime Mint State From US Mint Set MS BU Uncirculated US Coin,  1970 D 10C Roosevelt Dime Mint State From US Mint Set MS BU Uncirculated US Coin,  Decade of 70s S Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1970 1979 10 Nice Proof Coins,  12 24K Gold plated DIMES 1966 1968 1970 1979 1980 1987 1988 Lot of dime US,  

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