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1970 D CENT NICKEL DIME MS BU UNC EXCELLENT QUALITY US COINS FROM MINT SET,  1970 D Quarter Struck on Dime Stock,  Roosevelt Dime 10 Cent Collection Incomplete 56 Coins 1946 1970,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Proof Uncirculated Slabbed Gem Mint SN95,  Roosevelt Dimes Circulated 1970 p through 2007 P,  1970 Roosevelt Dime 10C Rev of 68 FS 901 from bank uncirculated roll,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Proof Deep Cameo Clad,  1970 Roosevelt Dime,  11 Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1970 S 1979 S,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Gem Cameo CN Clad Proof US Coin,  1970 P ROOSEVELT DIME IN MINT CELLO UNCIRCULATED NICE LQQK 0256,  1970 P 10C Roosevelt Dime Mint State From US Mint Set MS BU Uncirculated US Coin,  1970 D 10C Roosevelt Dime Mint State From US Mint Set MS BU Uncirculated US Coin,  Decade of 70s S Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1970 1979 10 Nice Proof Coins,  12 24K Gold plated DIMES 1966 1968 1970 1979 1980 1987 1988 Lot of dime US,  1970 D DDR PCGS MS66 Roosevelt Dime Mint ERROR Doubled Die Rev TOP POP FS802,  PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME 1969 S 1970 S 1971 S 1972 S LOT OF 4,  Very Nice 1975 S Proof Roosevelt Dime 032224,  Very Nice 1970 D Roosevelt Dime 032211,  Very Nice 1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime 032212,  1970 D 25 cents made on a lighter thinner planchet probably from a dime,  1970 S PROOF ROOSEVELT DIMES COIN UNICIRCULATED 10 CENT DOLLAR US READ,  1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime NGC PF68 Ultra Cameo,  1970 D Doubled Die PCGS MS64 DDR ERROR Roosevelt Dime Rare Coin Ships FREE 048,  1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime NGC PF68 Cameo,  1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime NGC PF68 Cameo,  70s Roosevelt Clad Proof Dimes 1970 1979 10 Nice Proof Coins,  1970 S Roosevelt Gem Proof Roll 50 Coins w Free Shipping,  38 1970 P ROOSEVELT UNCIRCULATED DIMES FROM MINT SET BU,  UNCIRCULATED 1970D FDR DIME ,  

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