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1970 1979 P+D Roosevelt Dimes Gem BU from Mint Cello,  1970 S GEM BU PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME 10 CENT BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED US COIN PF,  1970 P GEM BU ROOSEVELT DIME BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED US GOVERNMENT SEALED US COIN,  1970s 1980s DIMES Mixed Uncirculated Coins Direct US Mint Cello Packs QTY 20,  1970 S ROOSEVELT DIME GREAT PROOF COIN 10,  1970 S ROOSEVELT DIME GREAT ULTRA CAMEO PROOF COIN 50,  1970s 1980s DIMES Mixed Uncirculated Coins Direct US Mint Cello Packs QTY 20,  1970 D ROOSEVELT DIME NGC MS64 DOUBLE DIE REVERSE,  1970 PROOF COINS CENT NICKEL DIME QUARTER IN BCW 2x2 HOLDERS,  1970 10C Roosevelt Dime full date free shipping no reserve,  1970 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime BU B01,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime 10 FS 801 DDR VP 002 NGC MS65,  Roosevelt Dimes 1960s 1970s Mixed Dates Mints Circulated Roll,  1970 S Roosevelt Dime Proof,  1970 1979 s 10C Roosevelt Proof Dimes all 10 coins,  1970 S 10 1972 S 181973 S 10 1975 S 12 ROOSEVELT DIMES 3G101,  1970 NO S ROOSEVELT NGC PF 68,  July 4th 1997 MARS PATHFINDER US USA stamp 3 face value souvenir sheet,  1970 S Gem Proof Copper Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime,  1970 S PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME GEM PROOF CONDITION,  1970 S Clad Proof Roosevelt Dimes 10 roll of 50 coins,  1970 S Clad Proof Roosevelt Dimes 10 roll of 50 coins,  10 S Proof Roosevelt Dimes 1970 s Proof 1979 s Proof 10 Year Run 2,  1970 S GEM PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME WOW 124B6,  1970 1979 5 coin mint sets Philly and Denver Mint LOOK AT PICTURES,  1970 D Roosevelt Dime PROOF REVERSE of 1968 RARE Rev 68 FS 901 VG XF,  1970 2009 S Proof Roosevelt Dimes 4 Decades of High Quality Proofs,  ERROR Metal 1970 D Quarter Struck On 10 cent Stock,  1970 S United States Dime Coin INB Certified Slab Proof 70,  1970 S PROOF ROOSEVELT DIME,  

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