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1968 d penny items sold during the last several days.

1968 D ABE LINCOLN OBVERSE MEMORIAL REVERSE CENT PENNY 1 ROLL 50 COINS CuZn,  1968D LINCOLN MEMORIAL Penny CENT UNCIRCULATED BU,  A VERY BEAUTIFUL 1968D BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN MEMORIAL PENNY,  1968 D BU Lincoln Cent,  1968 D Lincoln Cent UNC MEMORIAL PENNY original bank wrap shotgun roll RARE OBW,  1968 D MS65 RD Doubled Die Lincoln Cent US Mint Error Old DDO Penny Ships FREE,  1959 to 1979 PD +1968S to 1974S 46 coin LINCOLN CENT red uncirculated set,  1968 1981 PDS Lincoln Cent Collection 35 Uncirculated in mint celo,  1970 Lot 37 P + D + S Minted Lincoln Cent BU Cellos Uncirculated Coins,  1968 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny FREE SHIPPING,  1968 D Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Penny Roll 50 Coins Total,  2000 to 2014 P+D LINCOLN CENT 36 pc UNC SET + 7 BU coins 1968 to 1974 S,  

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