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US mint error 1967 Roosvelt dime major clip clipped planchet error 2669,  1967 ROOSEVELT DIME DOUBLE CURVED CLIP 203 grams ANACS MS 64 US ERROR COIN,  1967 super rare us dime with air bubble,  Altered Art 1966 67 Roosevelt Dime 10 Cent US Currency Screwback Earrings,  1967 SMS Roosevelt Dime in Gem Condition Condition US Coin,  466832 United States Roosevelt Dime Dime 1967 US Mint Philadelphia,  1967 SMS Roosevelt DIme MS66 Cameo PCGS US Mint Special Mint Set 10c Coin,  1967 Roosevelt Dime Proof Like Clad from US Special Mint Set D2232,  1967 1968 US Roosevelt Dimes Uncirculated,  1967 SMS Roosevelt Dime Gem CN Clad Special Mint Set US Coin,  1967 Roosevelt Dime Choice BU US Coin,  1967 Roosevelt Dime BU US Coin,  409409 United States Roosevelt Dime Dime 1967 US Mint Philadelphia,  USA 10 Cents 1967 No Mint Dime Cent US United States America Paypal,  USA 10 Cents 1967 Dime Cent US United States America Paypal Skrill OK,  

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