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1966 lincoln cent double United States EF,  1966 P Lincoln Memorial Penny SMS Proof Like Copper Special Strike 9650,  PCGS 1966 Lincoln Cent on Silver Dime Planchet MS 64RD,  1966 CENT CAPPED DIE STRIKE LATE STAGE UNC SEE OTHER AUCTIONS,  x4 CLIP ERROR LOT 1953 S 1964 D 1943 D 1966 P Nickel Dime Cent Coin Item 15485,  1966 Lincoln Cent STRUCK ON THIN BLANK WEIGHT 258 GRAMS,  1966 lincoln cent double United States of America VF,  1966 Penny Error Letters Touching Rim,  1966 P 1DO 001 DOUBLED DIE OBVERSE LINCOLN CENT,  1966 P Lincoln Memorial Cent Lamination Error Obverse,  1959 P Lincoln Cent Clipped planchet 1966 Lincoln Cent Misaligned Dies,  USA ERROR COIN LINCOLN CENT 1966 A72 Z460,  1966 Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny Clipped Planchet 100 Approx 7 clip,  1966 1 cent error penny in great condition anybody that collects them call me,  1966 weat penny error,  Mint Error 1966 1c PCGS MS66 RD Struck on Clad 10c Pl Lincoln Cent,   1966 Buy It Now ERROR ITEME 143 LINCOLN MEMORIALCENT,  PCGS 1c 1966 Cent on Clad Dime Planchet MS 65,  NGC 1c 1966 Lincoln Cent on 1966 Dime Double Denomination MS 65,  1966 LINCOLN CENT ERROR CLIPPED NICE CLIP FEATURESCOMBINED SHIPPING 17 229,  Zambia PCGS 1966 1 Penny Off Center Punched Center Hole MS 64 BN,  1966 LINCOLN CENT MULTIPLE OBV LAMINATION PEELS INV5076,  LINCOLN PENNIES 2 1966 PHILA BOTH HAVE ERROR IN THE 9 Squirrel,  1966 PCGS MS66 1 on 10 Planchet RARE HIGH GRADE OLD HOLDER PQ Lincoln Cent 1C,  NGC 5c 1966 Jefferson Nickel on Cent Planchet MS 63 Brown,  NGC 1c 1966 Lincoln Cent on Clad Dime Planchet MS 63,  1966 DDO Die and Die Break Lincoln Penny,  Error 1966 Cent Off Center Broadstrike w Rev Indent EC1169,  Error 1966 Cent Rev lamination K 2 to center extra metal struck k 9 EC1906,  1966 P Lincoln Memorial Penny SMS Proof Like Copper Special Strike 9650,  1966 P MEMORIAL PENNY CENT LAMINATION ERROR COIN AJ 691,  1966 Lincoln Error Cent Ragger Clipper Planchet,  

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