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1961D LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT UNCIRCULATED OBW PENNY SEALED ROLLS FEDERAL RESERVE,  1961 D Lincoln Cent NGC MS65RB Memorial Penny Rainbow Color Toned Z173,  1961 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Uncirculated BU Red Penny,  8 BRILLIANT LINCOLN PENNIES 2 19591961 D19621962 D19631963 D1964,  1961 D Penny PCGS MS 65 RD,  Partial Roll BU 49 Coins Lincoln Memorial Small Cents Pennies 1961 D,  1961 P 1961 D 1961 PROOF LINCOLN MEMORIAL PENNIES,  1961 D PENNY ROLL,  1961 D ONE CENT GRADED NGC MS 66 RED LINCOLN MEMORIAL PENNY 10000 COIN,  Lot of 2 1961 NO MINT MARK and 1961 D UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN MEMORIAL PENNY,  1961 D Uncirculated Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny BU B05,  Encased 1960 D 1961 D Lincoln Memorial Cents Good Luck Penny,  1961 D Franklin Half Dollar + 15 Wheat Pennies,  1960 D 1961 D LINCOLN CENT ROLLS 100 COPPER PENNY COINS kc,  1961 D Uncirculated BU Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny B02,  1961 D Uncirculated BU Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny B01,  1961 D Lincoln 1 c PENNY 3 D PUNCHED POP OUT RARE ,  2 ROLLS 1961 D LINCOLN CENTS 100 BRILLIANT COPPER PENNY COINS sh,  1960 D 1961 D LINCOLN CENT ROLLS 100 BRILLIANT COPPER PENNY COINS,  1961 D MINTED PENNY SEEM TO HAVE MINT ERROR OR JUST AFTER CIRCULATION DAMAGE,  1948 1961 D LINCOLN CENT MASONIC PENNYs COUNTERSTAMP 2 pcs,  1961 D Lincoln Penny RD UNC,  1961 D PennyUncirculated61D0821,  1961 D Lincoln Red Cent Roll OBW Uncirculated Bank Wrapped 50 Penny Roll,  

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