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2 ROLLS OF 1960 D SMALL DATE OBW LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENTS FROM PENNY COLLECTION,  1960D LAMINATION ERROR Lincoln Memorial Cent,  1960D Small Date Cent Error 6 Lincoln Memorial 3277,  1960 D Very Rare Rim error coin and strike error lincoln cent,  1960 D Memorial Cent AU Small Date over Large Date Mint Error,  1960 D LINCHON CENT ERROR CUD BEHIND HEAD EAR LEVEL,  1960 LINCOLN CENT CLIPPED ERROR 1960 P WHEAT NICE RED BROWN UNC,  1960 LINCOLN CENT MINT ERROR CLIPPED PLANCHET 223,  1960 D LINCOLN CENT DOUBLING ON DATE ERROR BU RED LOW STARTING BID,  Mint errors galore 150 Pennies One Lot 1960 D Small Date Lincoln Cents mint,  1960 d lincoln cent filled 9,  1960 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Large Obverse Lamination Error Error 1c,  1960 D D Lincoln 1c Cent Error Repunched Mint Mark ANACS MS64 Red RPM 2,  1960 LARGE CURVED CLIP LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT MINT ERROR LOT 3227,  1960 D Lincoln Memorial Cent LG VV RPM 40 D D D,  1960 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Error Repunched Mint Mark RPM Free Shipping,  1960 D BU RPM 46 Variety Lincoln Cent Re punched MM Error D D EAST Vertical Bar,  1960 D CENT DOUBLE DATE AND MINT MARK,  1960 D D D North Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 97,  1960 D D D D North South Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 59,  1960 D D D D Southeast and Serifs Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 52,  1960 D D D Rotated CCW Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 80,  1960 D D D East Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 33,  1960 D D D North Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 85,  1960 D D D Southeast Lincoln Cent Large Date RPM BU Red RPM 55,  1960 D D D D East Serifs Lincoln Cent Large Date RPM BU Red RPM 83,  1960 D D D Rotated CCW Small Date Lincoln Cent RPM BU Red RPM 111,  Bu 1960 Lincoln cent large Date Doubled Die Reverse 1,  1960 D 1MM 002 WRPM 007 RPM 002 CRPM 003 Lincoln Cent Repunched Mint Mark,  1960 WDDR 017 DDR 009 Doubled Die Reverse Ch Gem Pr Red Lincoln Cent FS 801,  RARE 1960 D D D RPM 20 Lincoln Cent ANACS MS 65 RED NONE others on eBay,  1960 Proof Lincoln Cent New Cherrypickers Double Die Reverse DDR,  LINCOLN MEMORIAL CENT ERROR 1960 D 2 COINS REP MINT MARK RPM 003 RPM 060 NICE,  

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