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Vintage Coin Auction 1959D Roosevelt Silver Dime VC016,  1959 D D Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS64 FS 501 D Inverted D,  1959 D Roosevelt FULL TORCH Silver Dime MS 64 FT Mint State,  1959 D ROOSEVELT circulated silver dime,  Gorgeous Original Unpicked Gem BU Roll of 50 1959 D Roosevelt Dimes PQ Coins 90,  1946p1948d1949 s49d53d57d1959d1960d Circulated 90 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,  1946 p1949 s1951 p52d53d54p57 d1959dCirculated 90 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,  1946 p50 d1953 d 54p46p52d56 d1959dCirculated 90 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,  1946 p50 d1953 d 54d46p57 d58 d1959dCirculated 90 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,  1956 p56 d54d57p57d58p 58d59 p1959d Circulated 90 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,  1953 1957 1958 1959D 1963D 1964D 1964 Roosevelt Silver Dime DIMES LOT OF,  1959 D 10C Silver Roosevelt Dime Uncirculated US Mint Coin NICE,  Very nice 1959 D Silver Dime Check out the pictures ,  1959 D Roosevelt Dime MS+++++ Low Shipping,  1959 D Roosevelt uncirculated silver dime See store for discounts GR04,  NGC MS67 FT 1959 D Silver Roosevelt Dime PQ+ Blast White Sharp Details,  1947 1952D 1959D 1963D 1963D 1964 Roosevelt Silver Dime DIMES LOT OF 10,  1959 D ROOSEVELT SILVER DIME UNCIRCULATED HINT OF COLOR OBVERSE,  1959 D D US Roosevelt Dime D over D Mintmark Variety,  1959 D ROOSEVELT DIME UNCIRCULATED 10c SILVER COIN LOT 2,  1959 D Roosevelt Dime EF Original Silver Desirable to Have D0163A,  

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