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1957 D Lincoln Wheat Copper Cent Date ERROR Re used Planchet Error LK,  AU 1957 D 1Cent BN Lincoln Centwheat penny with Denver mint markcudd in9 error,  1957 D WHEAT CENT w BOTTOM OF B FILLED IN BY MINT GOB,  1957LINCOLN WHEAT CENT LIBERTY ERROR COIN LIB I ERTY see photo,  1918 1920 1930 1935 1957 D 5 WHEAT CENT ERRORS V579+ 5 FAB ERROR COINS,  wheat penny 1957 D BIE ERROR LINCOLN CENT RED BROWN BU 1957D,  wheat penny 1957D BIE ERROR RED BROWN AU+ 1957 D LINCOLN CENT LOT 1,  1957 D RPM 3 D D D WHEAT CENT TRIPLE REPUNCHED MINTMARK About Uncirculated,  RARE 1957 CIRCULATED LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY WITH BIE IN THE WORD LIBERTY,  ERROR 1957 D Wheat Penny 5,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent DDO 1 Gem VK104 2,  Variety Blow Out 1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent DDO Gem S 104 1,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent DDO 1 Gem VK104 1,  Variety Blow Out 1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent DDO Gem S 104 2,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Gem DDO 1 S 104,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Error The B and E are filled Lot 229,  Wheat pennies roll all 1950s with 1953 double 3 and 1957 D BIE ERROR on end,  Error Wheat Penny Cents Filled In Errors X 50,  1957 D LINCOLN WHEAT CENT FILLED BOTTOM OF B IN LIBERTY ERROR COIN,  1957 D Wheat Cent RPM 001 Cerrypickers Variety FS 501,  1957 Lincoln Wheat Cent Error Overlapped Hair,  1957 D LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY CENT LAMINATION ERROR REVERSE BU RED,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent BU RED CUD ERRORS,  1957 D LINCOLN WHEAT CENT BOLD STRIKE DOUBLING DATE MINT MARK FREE SHIPPING,  LINCOLN WHEAT CENT 1957 ERROR LIBI TYPE,  1957 D 26 ABRAHAM LINCOLN OBVERSE WHEAT EAR REVERSE CENT PENNY CuSnZn,  1957 D 27 LINCOLN WHEAT EAR REVERSE CENT PENNY CRACKED DIE FILLED B CuSnZn,  Lincoln Wheat Cent Error 1957 D Double Date All numbers are doubled,  1957 D Proof Lincoln Wheat Cent Copper Penny One Cent Coin Minor Error Coin R,  wheat penny 1957D BIE ERROR LINCOLN CENT AU+ 1957 D lot A NO RESERVE FREE S H,  MINT ERROR WHEAT PENNIES 1955 1955 S 1957 1958 CRACKED WHEAT ON REVERSE,  MINT ERROR WHEAT PENNIES 1954 S 1955 1957 1958 CRACKED WHEAT ON REVERSE,  MINT ERROR WHEAT PENNIES 1953 S 21954 S 1957 D SET OF 4 FILLED 9 IN DATE,  ERROR BIE Liberty 1957 P Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent AU UNC Nice,  1957 D Lincoln Wheat Cent DDO 1 Gem VK58,  

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