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1944 S Lincoln Copper Wheat Cent PCGS Certified MS 66 RD Red 2731 849,  1944 P 1944 D 1944 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Roll Set VF XF Condition,  Uncirculated Toned 1944 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin BU Penny Lot A967,  BU 1944 S LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNY BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED CHOICE,  BU 1944 PDS LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNIES YEAR SET BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED L5,  1942 D 1944 1945 1947 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT,  1944 Uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Certified NGC MS 66 RD,  1944 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT CUD ERROR LC 44 19C LARGE ALMOST FULL BASE OF BUST CUD,  1944 D D MS64 RD ERROR Wheat Penny RED Copper Lincoln Cent RPM13 Ships FREE 412,  1944 S S MS64 RD ERROR Lincoln Cent Old Wheat Penny RPM4 Copper Ships FREE 719,  1944 S S MS65 RD ERROR Lincoln Cent Old Wheat Penny RPM10 Copper Ships FREE 061,  1944 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT BASE OF BUST CUD ERROR LC 44 16,  1944 ICG MS64 RB lincoln wheat cent,  1944 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Nice Coin H293 Copper,  1944 S PCGS MS66RD Lincoln Wheat Cent 1C,  1944 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT MINT ERROR STRUCK 5 OFF CENTER AT K 12 MS 62 BRN,  1944 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Book Filler,  1944 Lincoln Cent or Vintage Wheat Penny Circulated Uncertified Ungraded,  1944 S Lincoln Wheat Cent 95 Copper Colorful AU ,  1944 P Lincoln Wheat Cent 95 Copper Sweet Natural Colorful ,  1944 UNCIRCULATED LINCOLN WHEAT CENT 18484,  

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