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1944 Birth Year set 5 coinsw Silver HalfQuarterand Dime in holder,  1944 D Mercury Dime Circulated Coin w Residue,  1944 D D Dime Mercury NGC Doubling D D W Plus + Eye Frosty Pearl MS 67 + FB,  1944 P About UNC w Reverse Die Clash Winged Liberty Mercury Silver Dime ma252,  1944 PCGS MS66 Mercury Dime W78477 81417 9LO,  1944 D Mercury Dime NGCBeaming W Plus + Luster Blazing Eye Frosty MS 67 FB +,  US 1944 Mercury Dime Silver Coin Solid Brass Locket w 24 Gold Plated Chain NOS,  1944 S PCGS MS66 Mercury Dime W4831456 9LO,  1944 D PCGS MS65 Mercury Dime W4801438 43BS,  1944 PCGS MS65 Mercury Dime W4761410 16BS,  1944 D NGC MS66FB Mercury Dime W1444 61450 1AH,  1944 D PCGS MS64FB Mercury Dime W479LE,  FSB GEM Coin 1944 D Silver Mercury Dime FSB NICE Full Split Bands W New Holder,  AU+ 1944 Silver Mercury Dime 95 FSB Coin Full Split Bands w Acrylic Holder,  San Francisco Mint RARE 1944 Silver Mercury Dime w Booklet Casing,  

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