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1943 ZINC STEEL LINCOLN WHEAT PENNIES,  Lot of 5 1943 Zinc Coated Steel Lincoln Pennies Ungraded,  50 1943 zinc pennies WWII needed copper,  Six 6 1943 Zinc Pennies,  USA ONE CENT LINCOLN 1943 ZINC COIN KM132A CX39,  USA ONE CENT LINCOLN 1943 ZINC COIN KM132A C25,  1943 ZINC STEEL PENNIES RARE COLLECTABLES STEELIES,  1943 Zinc Coated Steel Lincoln Wheat One Cent Brilliant Uncirculated NGC MS66,  USA ONE CENT LINCOLN 1943 ZINC COIN KM132A M15,  World War II H Steel Wheat Cents 1943 Zinc 50 Lincoln Pennies Mint Marks P D S,  31942 P D 1939 1944 Silver Mercury Dime 1906IHP 1943 ZINC PENNY,  lot of 25 US coins 1920 19583silver1 1943p nickel 6 1943 zinc pennies16 1mix,  Lot of 5 1943 Zinc Coated Steel Wheat Pennies Wartime Lincoln Penny Circulated,  

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