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1943 World War II Zinc White Pennies 60 coins,  BLAST WHITE 1943 50c Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS68 Silver fifty cent coin,  Newfoundland 10c Cent Dime 1943 C AU58 NGC silver KM20 George VI Gem White,  10c Cent 1943 D CH BU+ FSB Bright Blast White Tons of Luster Mercury Dime,  10c Cent 1943 GEM BU Light Gold Obv Frosty White Rev Mercury Dime,  1943 Canada 25 cent ICG MS65 True Gem and blast white,  GEM BU white 1943 D Lincoln Cent FREE SHIPPING,  GEM BU white 1943 S Lincoln Cent FREE SHIPPING,  GEM BU white 1943 Lincoln Cent FREE SHIPPING,  

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