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10 1943 Steel Wheat ear Lincoln Cents,  1943s Steel Lincoln Cent GRADED AU By PCGS,  1943 S Steel Lincoln Cent BU ,  1943 PDS Steel Cent Set EXCELLENT custom case,  1943 P Lincoln Steel Cent AU UncirculatedULTRA LOW FIXED PRICE75,  1943 PDS Wartime Lincoln Steel Pennys Harris Cent Holder,  1943 D Lincoln Wheat CentBright Luster BUGem Sale 50+Off Reduced 12 8 S17,  1943 D Lincoln Wheat CentBright Luster BUSale 50+Off Reduced 12 8 S16,  1943 Lincoln CentBright Luster BUBlue Sale 50+Off Reduced 12 8 43 7,  1943 D Lincoln CentBright Luster BUIce Blue Sale 45Off Reduced 11 18 43 5,  wheat penny 1943D BU STEEL LINCOLN CENT 1943 D LOT 2 UNC ORIGINAL STEEL LUSTER,  wheat penny 1943 NICE BU 1943 P UNC LOT 8 ORIGINAL WARTIME STEEL LINCOLN CENT,  

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