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1943 LINCOLN CENT BU STEEL CENT 66,  1943 Steel Cents P D and S Beautiful Reprocessed Steel Coating Lot 1,  1943 S LINCOLN WHEAT STEEL CENT VERY FINE+ ORIGINAL COIN WHEAT LINES E28,  1943 LINCOLN WHEAT STEEL CENT VERY FINE+ ORIGINAL COIN WHEAT LINES E23,  Rare 1943s zinc coated steel Lincoln penny 1 cent sealed UNC silver color sealed,  1943 US Lincoln Wheat Cent Very High Grade Zind Plated Steel Penny US 1031,  wheat penny 19431943 D1943 S GEM UNC LINCOLN STEEL CENT 1943S1943D GEM BU SET,  1943 PDS USWartime Steel Pennies1 cent Set of 3,  1943 PS STEEL ROLL 25 EACH MINT LINCOLN ONE CENTS 50 WHEAT PENNIES,  1943 S PCGS MS67+ Steel Lincoln Cent Penny GEM+ Uncirculated RARE PLUS GRADE PQ,  1943 D MS+ Steel Lincoln Cent Superb GEM Rare Coin Uncirculated Ships FREE,  1943 Steel Lincoln Cent Penny Superb GEM+ Coin Uncirculated MS WWII Ships FREE,  

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