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1943 s nickel listings sold during the last few days.

1943 S 5c PCGS MS66 FS Jefferson Nickel,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66+ Plus graded Silver War Nickel,  1942 PS 1943 PS 1944 P 1945 PDS 16 SILVER JEFFERSON NICKELS FAST SHIPPING,  1942 PS 1943 PDS 1944 PDS 1945 PDS NICE 11 COIN SET SILVER WAR JEFFERSON NICK,  1943 S 5C Jefferson War Nickel 80 108 ,  1943 s Jefferson Nickel 6 Steps In Holder e311,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel 35 SILVER FREE SHIPPING,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS65 near full steps,  MS66 5FS 1943 S Jefferson Nickel NGC Graded 3635,  1942 1943 1944 1945 P D S Silver War Nickel Jefferson 5C PCGS Set 11 Coins,  Jefferson War Nickels 1 1942S and 2 1943S 35 Silver Content,  MINT SET+1908 INDIAN HEAD PENNY+WW11 STEEL WHEAT+1956 NICKEL+1968 S CENT LOTB42,  Pearl Harbor World War II 1943 Steel 1945 S Cents 1943 P Silver Nickel Set,  1943 S 5c PCGS MS65 FS Jefferson Nickel,  1943 S SILVER Jefferson Nickel MAKE US AN OFFER Y8375,  1943 S JEFFERSON WAR NICKEL 35 SILVER UNCIRCULATED W27387,  US Wartime Coins 1942 S Jefferson Nickel + 1943 Lincoln Cent Beautiful AU BU,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel 35 SILVER FREE SHIPPING,  1943 P D S Jefferson Nickel 35 Silver in Graded Condition lot of 3 coins,  UNITED STATES 1943 S 5 CENTS JEFFERSON WARTIME NICKEL 35 SILVER,  1943 S 35 Silver War Nickel Ships Free Buy 5 for 2 off,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel Silver WWII Era US Mint Coin P121 LZ,  1943 S Jefferson Nickel MS World War Two 35 Silver,  1943 S Jefferson Silver War Nickel 5C NGC MS65 Toned,  

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