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Lincon cent roll with uncirculated 1944s and 1943 ends,  1943 S Lincoln Cent 589,  1943 s Lincoln Steel Cent sharp see scan,  1943 S Lincoln Cent Nice Coin 581,  1943 LINCOLN STEEL CENT LOT ALL 3 MINTS PDS UNCIRCULATED SHIPS FREE INV 2,  1943 S MERCURY DIME SILVER TEN CENT PIECE FREE SHIPPING B513,  1943 PDS WARTIME STEEL CENTS,  1943 PDS BU Lincoln steel cent set BU 1943 P 1943 D 1943 S With BONUS,  PCGS MS 67+ 1943 S LINCOLN CENT BLOW OUT SALE ,  1943 S STEEL WHEAT CENT OBV REV GEM Guaranteed MIRROR OBV REV NO CLEANING,  1909 1958 Wheat Penny Roll 50 One Cent Coins 1950 S 1943 Steel Tails 12,  1943 S STEEL LINCOLN CENT EXTRA FINE AU hucky,  1943 P D S Lincoln Steel Cents Fine to Extra Fine condition,  Unsearched Wheat Roll with a 1943 S lincoln steel Cent and Indian Head Cent,  1943 P D S PCGS GRADED LINCOLN CENT 3 COIN SET,  1943 S 1C Lincoln Wheat Cent 17rr1709 UNC Only 50 Cents for Shipping,  1943 D Lincoln Cent NGC MS67 Rev Tyes Stache 6130115,  MINT SET+1908 INDIAN HEAD PENNY+WW11 STEEL WHEAT+1956 NICKEL+1968 S CENT LOTB42,  1943 S D P 1C Steel Lincoln Cent 5 X Rolls fresh from Florida Estate UGRADE,  1943 D Lincoln Cent NGC MS67 Rev Tyes Stache 9007115,  wheat penny 1943S STEEL LOT 15 AU+ CH BU 1943 S UNC LINCOLN CENTS PARTIAL ROLL,  wheat penny lot9 UNC 19431943 D1943 S LINCOLN STEEL CENT CH BU SET 1943S1943D,  1943 S LINCOLN WHEAT PENNY CENT SALE,  Pearl Harbor World War II 1943 Steel 1945 S Cents 1943 P Silver Nickel Set,  Lot of 4 Mercury 90 Silver Dimes 10 Cents 1943 Nice Grades FREE COMBINED S H,  3x 1943 Wartime Emergency Issue Lincoln Wheat Steel Cents Mint Marks S P D,  1943 Jefferson Nickel 5 Cents MAJOR BROKEN PLANCHET ERROR Combined S H,  1943 S CENT NGC MS 67 RD SEE OTHER AUCTIONS,  USA 1943 PD S Cent Zinc Coated Steel Lincoln Wheat All are up grade coins,  1943 S Lincoln Cent UNCIRCULATED,  1943 S Lincoln CentERRORBottom of 43 in Date is MissingSteel,  1943 S 1c Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS67 Gem graded San Francisco coin 7091,  War Set 1943 P D S Steel Wheat Cents +19434445 35 Silver War Nickels 2,  War Set 1943 P D S Steel Wheat Cents 19434445 Jefferson Silver Nickels 1,  ULTRA RARE PROOFLIKE 1943 S STEEL CENT NGC MS66 STAR ONLY STAR STEEL ON EBAY,  

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