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1943 2 P JEFFERSON NICKEL OVERDATE PCGS MS63 MS 63 RARE,  1943 1944 1945 P 5 Cent Jefferson War Nickel US Coin Circulated,  Set of 5 US Nickels 1937 Buffalo 1943P Wartime 2003D 2005 Ocean View Bison,  White Flashy LUSTER 1943 P JEFFERSON SILVER WARTIME NICKEL 5 DN54MQ,  1943 P DOUBLE EYE JEFFERSON NICKEL VERY STRONG AND DISTINCT,  1943 P Jefferson Nickel Choice BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED 5 Cents,  1943 P Doubled Die Obverse Jefferson Nickel 5C DDO PCGS MS65 535 Value,  1942 P 1943 P 1945 D WARTIME SILVER NICKEL LOT OF 3 AU BU 1689H,  Jefferson War Nickel 1943 P CLEAR Full Steps Gem BU,  1943 P Jefferson War Nickel lot 2,  UNITED STATES NICKEL 1943 P ji 413,  1943 P Jefferson Silver War Nickel 30 56 ,  1943 P Jefferson 35 Silver Nickel,  1943 P JEFFERSON SILVER WAR NICKEL,  1943 P JEFFERSON SILVER WAR NICKEL from LITTLETON COIN COMPANY SEALED,  1943 P JEFFERSON HEAD SILVER NICKEL CHOICE BU 248G,  1942 1943 1945 P WARTIME SILVER NICKEL LOT OF 3 AU BU 2299G,  1943 P Jefferson War Nickel 5C MS 67 NGC Graded Five Cent,  1943 P Jefferson War Nickel 35 Silver,  1943 P 35 Silver Jefferson War Nickel BU,  

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