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1943D CERT Jefferson NickelNGC MS 67 5FSBeauty Sale 20 Off Reduced 2 10,  1943 D 5C Jefferson Nickel NGC MS 66 FS 152401,  1943S Brilliant Uncirculated Silver War Jefferson Nickel Roll 1943 S BU,  Jefferson Nickels 4 war nicks1943 P + D 1944 P 1945 PBU grade D,  1943D Silver Jefferson Nickel with Lamination Errors on the Reverse,  1943 D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5FS,  1943 Jefferson Silver War Nickel in Genuine United States Mint Folder,  24 different Jefferson Nickels from 1940 D 1955 w 1943 P 1950 1951 PDS,  1968 S Nickel GEM PROOF 1981 S Dime 1979 S Quarter 1943 STEEL WAR PENNY Coin Lot,  1943 P JEFFERSON NICKEL BU TONED WAR NICKEL,  1943S Brilliant Uncirculated Silver War Jefferson Nickel Roll 1943 S BU,  1943 P DDO PCGS MS64 Jefferson Nickel War Silver Rare Doubled Die Obverse ERROR,  1943 D JEFFERSON NICKEL NGC MS67 FS BRILLIANT SUPERB WHITE GEM FULL STEPS,  5 1943 P Jefferson War Year Nickels Steps Toning,  1943 D PCGS MS66FS Wartime Silver Nickel Blazing Luster MS66 Full Step Coin,  1943 P Jefferson Nickel Clip At Right Nice Uncirculated Condition 4509,  1943 P Wartime Silver Jefferson Nickel UNC Details NGC,  1943 S Wartime Silver Jefferson Nickel MS65 NGC,  1943 P JEFFERSON WAR NICKEL BU COIN 35 SILVER GREAT COLLECTOR GIFT JN236,  1943 D JEFFERSON NICKEL GEM BU STEPS 5501 1,  1943 D JEFFERSON WAR NICKEL BU MULTIPLE ERRORS 143DERRS AC6303F,  

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