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1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent MS66RB NGC Nice Toned Coin ,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent NGC MS64 BN Brown Gem DoubleJCoins 577A39,  1940 D Wheat penny roll,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Ears Cent Z12,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent in the CH BU Red Range Nice Coins DUTCH AUCTION,  1940 D LINCOLN CENT Uncirculated Choice BU,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Solid Album Filler Coin 2,  1940 D Wheat Penny,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Roll BU,  1940 D LINCOLN WHEAT CENT PENNY 1C GEM BU UNC RED FULL ROLL 50 COINS,  1940 D 1941 D 1942 D 1947 D Lincoln CentRD RB BU UNCLot of Four2 GEM,  1940D thru 1949D all 10 D mint LINCOLN CENT SET RS COINS MAKE AN OFFER,  1940 D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS64RB Tab Toned TrueView,  1940 D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RB Tab Toned TrueView,  1940 D Lincoln Wheat Cent,  wheat penny 1940D RED CH BU 1940 D LINCOLN CENT LOT 1 NICE RED UNC,  wheat penny 1940D GREAT GEM RED BU 1940 D LINCOLN CENT LOT 5 NICE RED UNC,  wheat penny 1940D NICE RAINBOW TONED BU 1940 D LINCOLN CENT LOT 2 UNC LUSTER,  1940 D DDO 002 LINCOLN WHEAT CENT BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED +1,  wheat penny lot 1940 P1940 D1940 S GEM RED BU SET 1940D1940S UNC LINCOLN CENT,  1940 D 1C RB Lincoln Cent,  UNITED STATES CENT 1940 D ozz 075,  1940 D Certified NGC MS66 FB FULL BAND Mercury Ten Cent Dime F S,  1940 D LAMINATION PEEL LINCOLN WHEAT CENT MINT ERROR LOT 2753,  

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