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1913 Silver Barber Dime G18,  Silver Dimes of the 20th Century 1913 Barber 1935 Mercury 1996 Roosevelt CLAD,  1913 P Barber Liberty Head 90 Silver Dime Combined Shipping 295,  1913 Circulated Barber Dime Coin,  1913 Barber Silver Dime J98,  1913 Barber Silver Dime J90,  1913 Barber Silver Dime J89,  1913 Barber Silver Dime J61,  1913 BARBER SILVER DIME VERY NICE CIRCULATED FREE SHIPPING,  1913 10C Barber Dime,  1913 Barber Silver Dime XB46,  1911 1912 1913 Barber Dimes 3 different coins average circulated,  Semi Key 1913 S Barber Dime VG WE COMBINE ON SHIPPING,  1913 Barber Dime ANACS Old Holder AU55 11 10TMM,  1913 Barber Dime PCGS MS 66 Original Surfaces Blast White 10c,  Barber Dimes Silver 1913 1915 and 1916,  1913 Barber Silver Dime J45,  1913 Barber Silver Dime XB24,  1913 S Barber Dime VF Key Date Coin,  1913 Barber Liberty Head One Dime G99,  1913 S Barber Dime VG 9472,  1913 P Barber Dime sellers 358 Combined Shipping,  Lot of 12 90 Silver Barber Liberty Dimes 1892 1899 O 1913 S KEY DATE 408,  1913 P Barber Dime,  Cherished American Dimes Barber and Mercury with COA 1913 1943,  1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 Silver Barber Dime Nice Set B88,  1913 P Barber Dime MAKE US AN OFFER W3707 ZXCV,  1913 S Barber Dime MAKE US AN OFFER W3710 ZXCV,  1913 Barber Dime LcS071,  1893 P 1913 P 1910 D 1906 S BARBER DIME LOT,  

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