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1885 Philadelphia Mint Copper Nickel Indian Head Cent Free Shipping,  1885 Indian Head Cent Very Fine Extremely Fine 1c Bronze Philadelphia Mint,  1885 Indian Head Cent XF+ details dark with corrosion,  1885 Indian Head Cent XF AU Detail,  1885 Indian Head Cent Fine VF hucky,  Lot of 4 US Indian Head Cent Coins Dates 1880 1882 1884 1885,  1885 US INDIAN HEAD SMALL CENT ONE CENT COIN,  188218851894 Indian Head Penny Lot VG,  1885 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT BETTER DATE 9499,  1885 Indian Head Cent Good,  1885 Indian Head Cent VF Details,  1885 Indian Head Pennies Lot Of 2,  1885 Philadelphia Mint Copper Indian Head Cent Free Shipping,  1885 INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1885 Indian Head Cent 1C Penny Full Liberty,  Uncirculated 1885 Philadelphia Mint Copper Indian Head Cent Free S H,  1885 INDIAN HEAD CENT,  1885 INDIAN HEAD CENT XF DETAILS BEAUTIFUL COIN CHECK OUT STORE IH560,  1885 INDIAN HEAD PENNY CENT US COIN,  INDIAN HEAD PENNY 1885,  1885 Indian Head Cent,  1885 Indian Head Cent Nice Coin 2533,  

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