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1869 Philadelphia Mint Nickel Three Cent Coin Free Shipping,  Authentic Better Date 1865 Two Cent Piece Coin,  1869 Indian Gold Dollar Coin G1 NGC Uncirculated UNC MS Just 5925 Minted,  1869 Seated Liberty Half Dollar 50C Sharp Details Rare Date Coin,  1869 3CN Three Cent Piece Nickel Civil War Era Type U S 3 Cent Coin III,  1869 US 5 CENT SHIELD NICKEL COIN,  1869 Two Cent 2C PCGS CAC Certified PR65RB Red Brown Proof Struck 2 Cent Coin,  1869 1C Indian Cent Filler Coin Low Grade,  1869 US 2C Two Cent Piece 2 Penny US Antique Currency Coin Real Old USA Money,  1869 AG VF US Indian Head Penny Antique Vintage US Currency 1 Cent Money Coin,  1869 United States Shield Nickel Date is Clear Nice Type Coin ,  1869 3C US Nickel Three Cent Piece Coin 07438,  1869 Shield Nickel Five 5 Cent Coin UNLIMITED COINS SHIP FOR 261,  1869 Key Date US Indian Head Penny Wheat Cent Antique Vintage US Currency Coin,  COINS 1869 SHIELD NICKEL,  1869 US SHEILD NICKLE 5 CENT COIN,  1869 VF XF Detail US 5 Cent Shield Nickel Piece Vintage Old US Antique Coin,  1869 VF XF detail US Shield Nickel 5 Cent Piece Vintage Old US Antique Coin,  

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