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Attractive Circulated 1868 Shield Nickel Grading VG g97,  First US Nickel 1868 Shield Nickel US Type Coin Over 100 Years Old 144,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL CHOICE VF COIN TONED,  1868 Shield Nickel full date full rims No Reserve N1770,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL VERY FINE SCARCE BETTER DATE W5395,  1868 Shield Nickel Extremely High Grade 2,  1868 Liberty Shield Nickel NGC UNC Early US Type Coin BU,  1868 Shield Nickel,  1868 Shield Nickel,  1868 G G+ Shield Nickel Nice Low Priced coin for any collection,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL NICE COIN 399,  1868 Shield Nickel Free Shipping,  ESTATE FIND 1868 Shield Nickel C8365,  Estate Find 1868 Shield Nickel G5191,  Estate Find 1868 Shield Nickel AG5445,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL TYPE COIN XF SPOTTED,  1868 Shield Nickel Very Fine nickle good sheild lines 5c VF details,  1868 UNITED STATES SHIELD NICKEL 5 COIN FD,  1868 Shield Nickel 5c LF4500 Fair ,  1868 Shield Nickel 5 Cent Type Coin In About Fine + Condition T 10,  1868 Shield Nickel Rusty Like T 35,  1868 Shield Nickel FINE 5 Cents,  1867 1868 1869 SHIELD NICKEL TYPE COIN LOT OF 3 691G,  1867 1868 1869 SHIELD NICKEL TYPE COIN LOT OF 3 692G,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL TYPE COIN AG 1404J,  1868 5C Shield Nickel,  1868 5 Cent US Shield Nickel Authentic Antique Vintage US Currency Money Coin,  1868 Shield Nickel Good,  1868 Shield Nickel 5C Coin Certified NGC Uncirculated Details MS BU UNC,  1868 5 CENT SHIELD NICKLE USA COIN,  1868 Shield Nickel Good,  1868 SHIELD NICKEL VERY NICE CIRCULATED NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  1868 5C Shield Nickel Graded by NGC as AU Details,  1868 shielded nickel,  1868 Shield Nickel FREE SHIPPING,  

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