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1866 shield nickel with rays items reviewed during the last several days.

1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS A NICE CIRCULATED EARLY NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  1866 With Rays Shield Nickel NGC AU 55,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL PCGS XF40 TOUGH FIRST YEAR OF ISSUE WITH RAYS NICE TYPE,  1866 Shield Nickel with Rays,  1866 5C Shield Nickel with Rays Graded by NGC as AU 58,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS VERY FINE DETAILS Lot 486,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS VERY FINE DETAILS Lot 95,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS VERY FINE DETAILS Lot 47,  1866 shield nickel with rays,  1866 WITH RAYS SHIELD 5C,  1866 Shield Nickel with Rays Five 5 Cent Coin UNLIMITED COINS SHIP FOR 261,  1866 With Rays Obverse Die Crack US Shield Nickel 5 Cent Old US Antique Coin,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS NICE CIRCULATED NICKEL FREE SHIPPING,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS TYPE COIN VG,  1866 Shield Nickel With Rays YB97,  1866 Shield nickel with rays,  1866 Shield Nickel with Rays Circulated with Reverse Cud FREE US SHIPPING ,  1866 Shield Nickel With Rays Semi Key Date Looks XF AU ,  1866 WITH RAYS SHIELD NICKEL TYPE COIN VG 1398J,  1866 With RAYS Shield Nickel Type Coin STUNNING Details R606,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS GOOD,  1866 With Rays Shield Nickel,  1866 Shield Nickel with rays,  1866 5C With Rays Shield Nickel W Rays NGC MS65,  1866 Shield Nickel with Rays between Stars VERY FINE 5c Weak Date,  L too 1866 SHIELD NICKEL FIRST YEAR DESIGN WITH RAYS TOUGH THIS NICE,  1866 Shield Nickel With Rays Good Condition T 37,  1866 Shield Nickel With Rays 8691,  1866 SHIELD NICKEL WITH RAYS NICE COIN 70,  1866 Shield Nickel With Rays YB84,  

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