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1863 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT NICE CIRCULATED ,  US VINTAGE TYPE COIN1863 INDIAN HEAD C N PENNY ONE CENT BETTER DATE 482,  NICE BETTER DATE1863 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT PENNY AU AC07,  1863 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT CIRCULATED ,  1863 Civil War Token G Not One Cent,  1863 Civil War Token VG Not One Cent FULD 93 362,  1863 One Cent Indian Head Penny Coin Lot A 918,  1863 Civil War Token ONE CENT MAKE US AN OFFER W1616 ZXCV,  THE JOY OF COIN COLLECTING1863 INDIAN HEAD ONE CENT PENNY KK45,  1863 VG INDIAN HEAD CENT WITH DOUBLE DIE REVERSE On ONE CENT,  Rare 1863 Indian Head One Cent United States Penny,  1863 Indian Head One Cent Copper US Type Coin R,  

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