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Copper Nickel 1863 US Indian Head Cent readable Liberty See scans Number 2,  1863 1864 indian head cent lot of 2,  2 C N CIVIL WAR ERA IHCS 1862 1863 FULL READABLE DATES CW 8 1,  2 Civil War Era C N US Indian Head Pennies 1862 1863 16,  1863 Indian Head Cent Extremely Fine Condition 2,  1863 Indian Head Small Cent Variety 2 Gem BU Vibrant Gold Luster 112814,  LOT OF 6 Seated Liberty Half 1 2 Dime Silver 184018451853185618631883,  1858 US Flying Eagle Cent 1863 US Copper Nickel Indian Head Cent Set of 2,  1863 ARMY NAVY TILTED PARTIAL COLLAR ERROR TOKEN M2,  1859+1862x2+1863 Indian Head Penny Lot Copper Nickel C N 4 Coins IL771,  2 1863 Indian Cent Copper Nickel 2 coin lot IDll530,  3pc Indian Cent lot 1 1863 C N 2 1864 Bronze,  1863 INDIAN HEAD CENT NICE GENTLY CIRCULATED CENT GREAT DETAILSHIPS FREE INV2,  UNC 1864 BRZ Indian Head Cent Penny K2JLX,  UNC 1863 Indian Head Cent Penny K2ULL,  UNC 1863 Indian Head Cent Penny K2GLT,  UNC 1863 Indian Head Cent Penny K2SLT,  

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