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Presented below is a range 1841 penny coin pieces based on your search term. A risk free shopping environment is of prime importance for eBay, so buy now or bid at auction while your transaction is fully covered by eBay's Buyer Protection.

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1841 Large Cent 313468,  1841 Large Cent 314048,  1841 Large Cent 18412,   1841 Braided Hair Large Cent 1C N 2 NGC AU Details Rare Certified Coin,  1841 LARGE CENT BRAIDED HAIR 1188 holed United States cent COPPER PENNY 1 cent,  1841 Large Cent Nice Example Tougher Date Coin,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent N 4 VG,  1841 Large Cent Struck thru error Obverse,  1841 N 6 Braided Hair Large Cent Coin 1c,  1841 BRAIDED HAIR LARGE CENT in GOOD condition,  1841 CORONET BRAIDED HAIR LARGE CENT 130,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent 6820,  

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