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1841 BRAIDED HAIR UNITED STATES LARGE CENT 175 YEAR OLD COPPER CENT,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent NICE DETAILS N713,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent NICE DETAILS N712,  1841 Large Cent Good,  1841 N 6 Braided Hair Large Cent 1C NGC XF DETAILS,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent Only 1597367 Minted item 275PI,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent N 5 Late Die State WE COMBINE ON SHIPPING,  1841 BRAIDED HAIR LARGE CENT KEEN POINTS ON EACH STAR FREE SHIPPING,  1841 Large Cent F,  1841 Large Cent VG,  1841 Braided Hair Cent US Penny TYPE COIN O505,  1841 Braided Hair Large Cent NICE DETAILS W398,  

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