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1822 Capped Bust Half Dollar 50C ANACS VF35 Rare Certified Coin,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent Penny Fine VF Details Full Date,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent Penny VG Fine Details Toned,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent Penny Scarce Type Coin,  1822 Large Cent XF Detail,  1822 Large Cent Circulated,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent Penny Good Details,  1822 Capped Bust Quarter Scarce Semi Key Date,  1822 Large Cent XF Detail 254,  1822 Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar,  1822 Large Cent N11 R3 Sharp Nice FREE SHIPPING,  1822 Coronet Head Large Cent Fine ,  1822 Coronet Head US LARGE CENT 10,  1822 Large Cent Coronet Reverse Surface Damage Fine Details,  1822 Capped Bust Half Dollar Z13,  1822 Capped Bust US Half Dollar Silver 1 2 dollar 50 cents,  1822 LARGE CENT PCGS XF 45 PREMIUM QUALITY CAC APPROVED,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent Z06,  1822 Capped Bust Half Dollar,  1822 Matron Head Large Cent 756,  

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