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1804 half cent listings reviewed during the last several days.

1804 PCGS VF20 Spiked Chin Half Cent Draped Bust 1 2 Penny Copper Ships FREE 410,  1804 PCGS VF30 Half Cent Draped Bust 1 2 Penny Copper Plain 4 No Stem Ships FREE,  Four 1800 1803 1804 1807 Draped Bust HALF CENT 1 2c Coppers collection set,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent 1 2C C 10 Certified PCGS XF Details EF Rare Coin,  Draped Bust 1804 CROSSLET 4 w o STEMS Half Cent 1 2 MINTAGE 10 million CX02ME,  1804 Half Cent VF Detail,  1804 half cent peice,  1804 Crosslet 4 with Stems 1 2 Cent DRAPED BUST HALF CENT Sharp VG++ F,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent Plain 4 Stemless,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent Plain 4 Stemless Toned,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent VG,  1804 P Draped Bust Half Cent Crosslet 4 No Stems Scarce Lot MZ 152,  1804 Half Cent Plain 4 No Stems C 13 NGC XF45 BN,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent G8151,  1804 Draped Bust half cent PCGS AU58 CAC,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent Crosslet 4 Stems Variety,  1804 Half Cent Coin C 8 Spiked Chin type G to VG depth,  1804 US DRAPED BUST HALF CENT Plain 4 Stemless VF Condition ,  1804 Draped Bust Half Cent PCGS AU Details Plain 4 No Stems Awesome Eye Appeal,  1804 Half Cent 052401,  1808 Draped Bust Half Cent Rotated Reverse Clipped Planchet US Type Coin W091,  1804 DRAPED BUST HALF CENT Crosslet 4 Stems PCGS VF35 RARE W4213,  

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