1936 BUFFALO NICKEL COIN 6,  1916 D Very Good Condition BUFFALO NICKEL,  1883 Liberty Head Nickel Five Cent Piece CENTS HIGH GRADE A329,  Liberty Nickels Multiple Years 4033 Nickels 1,  1939 D AU 5C JEFFERSON NICKEL,  Beautiful 1967 SMS from Special Mint Set Jefferson Nickel Graded MS 67 by NGC,  1919 BUFFALO NICKEL VERY GOOD,  1943 S San Francisco 35 Silver War Nickel Free Shipping NR,  1920 ps Buffalo Nickels,  1903 1908 1910 1912 Liberty Head Nickels Below Wholesale US 5 Cent V Nickel,  1986 P 5c Jefferson Nickel Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint sealed Very Nice,  1926 pds Buffalo Nickels,  1939 D CH BU 5C JEFFERSON NICKEL,  1968 S PCGS PR69 Jefferson Nickel,  1885 Liberty Head Nickel Five Cent Piece KEY DATE A330,  1886 Liberty Head Nickel Five Cent Piece BETTER DATE A331,  1914 3 BUFFALO INDIAN HEAD NICKEL VERY RARE OVERDATE FS 01487 SLABBED AUTHENTC,  1924 D Full Date VG Condition Undamaged BUFFAL NICKEL,  1911 Liberty V Nickel,  1938 D BUFFALO INDIAN HEAD NICKEL BU LOOOOK ,  1927 BUFFALO NICKEL P,  Jefferson Nickel 1999 S NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO NGC Guide Value 6000,  Very Fine 1936 D US Buffalo Nickel Low Mintage,  1929 S BUFFALO VERY NICE TONING BEAUTIFUL,  1930 ps Buffalo Nickels,  1925 pds Buffalo Nickels,  1967 5c SMS Special Strike Jefferson Nickel Very High Quality GEM f21,  1911 Liberty Nickel,  1969 D Jefferson Nickel BU Coin,  1955 NGC PF68 UCAM Jefferson Nickel Ultra Deep CAMEO PROOF DCAM 5c Rare Coin 001,  1964 P US Jefferson Nickel Graded as Proof,  1951 NGC PF66 UCAM Jefferson Nickel 5c Ultra Deep CAMEO PROOF DCAM Rare Coin 008,  1960 D US American Nickel coin A613,  1968 S US American Nickel coin A607,  1957 US American Nickel coin A575,  unknown US American Nickel coin A493,  1963 US American Nickel coin A604,  1939 JEFFERSON NICKEL GRADED MS66+ FULL STEPS BY PCGS Reverse of 1940,  1940 JEFFERSON NICKEL GRADED MS66 FULL STEPS BY PCGS,  1959 JEFFERSON NICKEL GRADED MS65 FULL STEPS BY PCGS,  1902 LIBERTY HEAD V NICKEL,  1939 Jefferson Nickel PCGS VF20 Double Die Reverse FS 801 Cherrypicker DDR,  1924 D Buffalo Nickel Nice F Detail Great Color Nice Eye Appeal,  1914 S Buffalo Nickel Nice G Nice Eye Appeal Honest Wear,  1919 S G+ Condition BUFFALO NICKEL,  1910 5C LIBERTY HEAD NICKEL no reserve really nice coin,  2000 2001 2002 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 S Jefferson Proof Nickel 18 Coin Set,  1913 Buffalo Nickel with planchet lamination error Type 1 raised ground,  1929 BUFFALO NICKEL P,  Jefferson Nickel 2006 S NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO NGC Guide Value 4500,  

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