1964 D Jefferson Nickel BU Sharp Uncirculated Fresh From Bank Rolls,  1951 D NGC MS65 5FS Jefferson Nickel A8281,  1945 P SILVER NCG MS66 JEFFERSON NICKEL A5510,  ESTATE FIND 1907 LIBERTY V NICKELG2801,  ESTATE FIND 1927 BUFFALO NICKEL F3915,  1938 D NGC MS64 BUFFALO NICKEL A9827,  Estate Find 1919 S Buffalo Nickel F9726,  1938 D PCGS MS65 BUFFALO NICKEL B5257,  ESTATE FIND 1936 D Buffalo Nickel F6198,  Estate Find 1935 Buffalo Nickel F9631,  Estate Find 1916 S Buffalo Nickel F9725,  Estate Find 1916 D Buffalo Nickel F9728,  ESTATE FIND 1936 Buffalo Nickel F5502,  Estate Find 1920 S Buffalo Nickel F9722,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 4000 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT824,  1924 Buffalo Nickel Nice Coin 437,  1929 S Buffalo Nickel Roll 40 AVERAGE Fine+ Condition Full Dates,  1943 D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66FS Full Steps Bright and Clean 8402035505x,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 1000 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT821,  1938 1958 Jefferson Nickels Number 9106 Compete Coin Collection Whitman,  5c Five Cent 1944 D CH BU+ Jefferson Nickel RAINBOW tone War 35 silver,  5c Five Cent 1944 P CH BU+ Jefferson Nickel PQ RAINBOW tone War 35 silver,  5c Five Cent 1945 D CH BU+ Jefferson Nickel RAINBOW tone War 35 silver,  5c Five Cent 1945 P CH BU+ Jefferson Nickel PQ pastel RAINBOW tone War 35 silve,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 500 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT818,  1938 D BUFFALO NICKEL High Grade,  1913 P TYPE 1 BUFFALO NICKEL FINE DETAILS,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 250 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT815,  1969 S Gem BU Jefferson Nickel LOTB 008,  1914 S Buffalo Nickel San Francisco Mint KP535,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 100 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT812,  1950 D Jefferson Nickel Choice Gem BU Roll 40,  LIBERTY V NICKELS CULL 40 ASSORTED COIN LOT ID MT809,  2017 S 5C Jefferson Nickel PCGS PR69DCAM First Day of Issue,  1986S Jefferson Nickel Proof,  1940 S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66 Superb Watery Fields 400935504xe,  US LIBERTY HEAD 5c nickel 1912 good in sealed cello pack,  1913 D TYPE 2 BUFFALO NICKEL VERY GOOD DETAILS,  1954 S D PCGS MS65 Jefferson Nickel RARE ERROR Coin GEM Uncirculated Ships FREE,  1946 D PCGS MS65 JEFFERSON NICKEL 7358,  1943 P Silver Jefferson 5c PCGS MS67 Flawless Surfaces War Issue 401835352x,  1946 D PCGS MS65 JEFFERSON NICKEL 7355,  1946 D PCGS MS65 JEFFERSON NICKEL 7354,  1946 D PCGS MS65 JEFFERSON NICKEL 7352,  1918 7 D Buffalo Nickel 5C ANACS AG3 Details Rare Overdate Variety Coin,  1914 S BUFFALO NICKEL FINE DETAILS SODER,  1918 S UNITED STATES BUFFALO NICKEL COIN EXTREMELY FINE CONDITION,  1974 S PCGS PR69DCAM JEFFERSON NICKEL 7368,  1974 S PCGS PR69DCAM JEFFERSON NICKEL 7369,  lot of 200 MIXED 1938 to 1964 Jefferson Nickels w 40+ diff dates mints,  

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